The Professor Emeritus John Ricci Undergraduate Fellowships

Ray Stevens (left) and John Ricci
at the Brookhaven Neutron Reactor (circa 1985)

Established by Dr. Raymond Stevens, USM, '86, in 2007 to honor USM Professor Emeritus John Ricci and his innovative educational program at Brookhaven National Laboratory, these fellowships offer a unique opportunity for USM undergraduates to pursue research at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, California, one of the world's most prestigious biomedical research institutions. The Stevens Laboratory focuses on structural biology and biochemistry research projects as well as the development of protein therapeutics. More specific information about Dr. Stevens's research interests is available here.

The fellowships are for 10 weeks, the start and finish dates to be determined by mutual agreement between the successful applicants and Dr. Stevens. USM course credit will be given in accord with USM departmental guidelines. Financial support will include USM tuition, transportation, and living expenses, in addition to a stipend. Two fellowships will be awarded this year. The individuals selected shall be undergraduates with a science major and a strong record of scholarship and demonstrated interest in pursuing science as a career.

To apply for one of these fellowships submit the following information to Dr. Caryn Prudenté, c/o Chemistry Department. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. Friday, March 7. The fellowship awards will be announced on March 31.

Your faculty mentor does not have to be your faculty advisor. It should be someone who is in a position to offer an assessment of your academic performance and potential.

The Ricci Fellows

2011 Jeremy Cunniff
Nick Mahoney
2010 Erin Taylor
Lauren Redmond
2008 Sam Giles
James Suriyodorn
2007 Ian Slaymaker
Sri Dhyana

Jeremy Cunniff, Ray Stevens and
Nick Mahoney, 2011

Erin Taylor and Lauren Redmond
(Torrey Pines Gliderport, La Jolla, 2010)

Sam Giles, Ray Stevens and
James Suriyodorn

James Suriyodorn, Ian Slaymaker
and Mike Bracey (staff scientist)