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Publications - 2010

262. X. Zhang, E. Y. Chien, M. J. Chalmers, B. D. Pascal, J. Gatchalian, R. C. Stevens and P. R. Griffin (2010) Dynamics of the beta2-adrenergic G-protein coupled receptor revealed by hydrogen-deuterium exchange Anal Chem 82: 1100-8 ;
261. B. Wu, E. Y. Chien, C. D. Mol, G. Fenalti, W. Liu, V. Katritch, R. Abagyan, A. Brooun, P. Wells, F. C. Bi, D. J. Hamel, P. Kuhn, T. M. Handel, V. Cherezov and R. C. Stevens (2010) Structures of the CXCR4 chemokine GPCR with small-molecule and cyclic peptide antagonists Science 330: 1066-71 ;
260. D. Wacker, G. Fenalti, M. A. Brown, V. Katritch, R. Abagyan, V. Cherezov and R. C. Stevens (2010) Conserved binding mode of human beta2 adrenergic receptor inverse agonists and antagonist revealed by X-ray crystallography J Am Chem Soc 132: 11443-5 ;
259. C. G. Tate and R. C. Stevens (2010) Growth and excitement in membrane protein structural biology Curr Opin Struct Biol 20: 399-400 ;
258. R. C. Stevens, J. Sancho and A. Martinez (2010) Rescue of misfolded proteins and stabilization by small molecules Methods Mol Biol 648: 313-24 ;
257. P. Stenmark, M. Dong, J. Dupuy, E. R. Chapman and R. C. Stevens (2010) Crystal structure of the botulinum neurotoxin type G binding domain: insight into cell surface binding J Mol Biol 397: 1287-97 ;
256. F. Y. Siu and R. C. Stevens (2010) RAMP-ing up class-B GPCR ECD structural coverage Structure 18: 1067-8 ;
255. M. Mileni, S. Kamtekar, D. C. Wood, T. E. Benson, B. F. Cravatt and R. C. Stevens (2010) Crystal structure of fatty acid amide hydrolase bound to the carbamate inhibitor URB597: discovery of a deacylating water molecule and insight into enzyme inactivation J Mol Biol 400: 743-54 ;
254. M. Mileni, J. Garfunkle, C. Ezzili, F. S. Kimball, B. F. Cravatt, R. C. Stevens and D. L. Boger (2010) X-ray crystallographic analysis of alpha-ketoheterocycle inhibitors bound to a humanized variant of fatty acid amide hydrolase J Med Chem 53: 230-40 ;
253. M. Michino, J. Chen, R. C. Stevens and C. L. Brooks, 3rd (2010) FoldGPCR: structure prediction protocol for the transmembrane domain of G protein-coupled receptors from class A Proteins 78: 2189-201 ;
252. W. Liu, M. A. Hanson, R. C. Stevens and V. Cherezov (2010) LCP-Tm: an assay to measure and understand stability of membrane proteins in a membrane environment Biophys J 98: 1539-48 ;
251. V. Katritch, V. P. Jaakola, J. R. Lane, J. Lin, A. P. Ijzerman, M. Yeager, I. Kufareva, R. C. Stevens and R. Abagyan (2010) Structure-Based Discovery of Novel Chemotypes for Adenosine A(2A) Receptor Antagonists J Med Chem 53: 1799-1809 ;
250. T. S. Kang, L. Wang, C. N. Sarkissian, A. Gamez, C. R. Scriver and R. C. Stevens (2010) Converting an injectable protein therapeutic into an oral form: Phenylalanine ammonia lyase for phenylketonuria Mol Genet Metab 99: 4-9 ;
249. V. P. Jaakola, J. R. Lane, J. Y. Lin, V. Katritch, A. P. Ijzerman and R. C. Stevens (2010) Identification and characterization of amino acid residues essential for human A2A adenosine receptor : ZM241385 binding and subtype selectivity J Biol Chem 285: 13032-13044 ;
248. W. X. Hong, K. A. Baker, X. Ma, R. C. Stevens, M. Yeager and Q. Zhang (2010) Design, synthesis, and properties of branch-chained maltoside detergents for stabilization and crystallization of integral membrane proteins: human connexin 26 Langmuir 26: 8690-6 ;
247. J. Dong, A. A. Thompson, Y. Fan, J. Lou, F. Conrad, M. Ho, M. Pires-Alves, B. A. Wilson, R. C. Stevens and J. D. Marks (2010) A Single-Domain Llama Antibody Potently Inhibits the Enzymatic Activity of Botulinum Neurotoxin by Binding to the Non-Catalytic alpha-Exosite Binding Region J Mol Biol 397: 1106-1118 ;
246. E. Y. Chien, W. Liu, Q. Zhao, V. Katritch, G. W. Han, M. A. Hanson, L. Shi, A. H. Newman, J. A. Javitch, V. Cherezov and R. C. Stevens (2010) Structure of the human dopamine D3 receptor in complex with a D2/D3 selective antagonist Science 330: 1091-5 ;
245. V. Cherezov, E. Abola and R. C. Stevens (2010) Recent progress in the structure determination of GPCRs, a membrane protein family with high potential as pharmaceutical targets Methods Mol Biol 654: 141-68 ;

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